Lead Generation for Publishers

The Ogden Group provides customized reader service and lead generation programs for some of the top circulation publications.

Our customized, marketing-oriented programs have resulted in increased sales revenue and profitability for our publishers, as well as greater productivity and increased morale for their employees and sales representatives.

More than a vendor

The Ogden Group does more than just process leads. We work closely with publishers and sales reps to better understand the issues they are facing in terms of sales and marketing. We have a unique perspective on the publishing industry, both present and future.

Marketing and technology experts offering lead generation and reader service

The Ogden Group uses its database, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, communications and technology backgrounds, as well as its entrepreneurial thinking to design customized reader service programs that help publishers remain competitive. By using the latest technology, hardware and software, The Ogden Group ensures flexible, user-friendly systems that meet today's needs and position you for tomorrow's emerging needs.


You choose the options

The Ogden Group's full-service reader service program options include:

  • Page, BRC and online consultation and design services
  • Page and BRC management
  • Traditional and online lead generation programs
  • Tracking of leads from website addressses and toll-free telephone numbers on inbook advertisements
  • In-book and online advertiser directories
  • BRC and online processing and fulfillment
  • Customized web-based response reporting sites available 24/7
  • Response generating email blasts
  • Conversion surveys
  • Marketing-oriented response tracking and results analysis
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Online Surveys
  • Online Sweepstakes
  • Lead Verification
  • Customized interactive, online comp list programs
  • Website management and hosting
  • Full-service account management

Our customer service and quality

For over 20 years, The Ogden Group's vision has been to provide its clients with customized leading edge products, services and solutions, as well as exemplary customer service and quality resulting in maximum marketing sales efforts for its clients.

 Within the industry, we're known for our one-on-one customer service and take the responsibility to ensure that your program is set up correctly, that your advertisers receive leads that have been checked and verified, and that the leads are sent or uploaded in the format they want to receive them.

The Ogden Group provides full-service reader service programs allowing our publications' employees to focus on their goals and objectives. We do it all.

Going beyond the traditional

Our expertise goes beyond providing traditional and online reader service processing. In 1996, The Ogden Group was the first reader service provider to introduce an online reader service program. In 2004, recognizing that publications needed a service that would help maintain and generate new advertiser revenue while also proving to their advertisers that the leads being generated were qualified leads, The Ogden Group introduced its Lead Lion┬« and Wealth Lion™ products.   ┬╗more