Lead Lion® and Wealth Lion™ - Looking ahead to the future

The Ogden Group's Lead Lion® and Wealth Lion™ programs are based on the premise that every organization – regardless of size or technical sophistication – deserves full access to all the information needed to identify, profile, and manage their prospects. Our business is to help you generate revenue by providing your advertisers with this information.

Our Lead Lion® product provides life style and product interest information on each of the leads generated from your program.

Our Wealth Lion™ Prospect Research Database product can identify for your advertisers leads from the top 6 percent of the wealthiest in our country and give the advertiser access to a secured link to the lead's information.

Special Wealth Lion™ Extras

image Our Wealth Lion™'s Wealth Scout is a powerful Internet research tool that can prowl the web for information about your advertisers' prospects and automatically summarize each site it uncovers.

Our Relationship Program takes networking to a whole new level. When we identify responders, we can tell your advertiser who else we're tracking in their database with the same connections.

Want to know more?

The Ogden Group welcomes the opportunity to discuss with you your unique needs to develop a program that fulfills those needs, while also increasing revenue and profitability of your publication and increasing your employee productivity and morale.

If you'd like more information or a demonstration of Lead Lion® and Wealth Lion™, please give us a call at
585-321-1060 x24 or email us at info@ogdengroup.com. An Ogden Group representative will get back to you.