Online Services and Solutions

The Ogden Group provides many online and web-based interactive services and solutions to its clients. These services are customized to our clients' needs and can be developed and implemented as part of a marketing or advertising campaign or as a stand-alone service. Online/web-based services include:

  • Online lead generation programs
  • Online advertiser directories
  • Customized web-based response reporting sites available 24/7
  • Response generating email blasts
  • Online conversion surveys
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Online surveys
  • Online sweepstakes
  • Customized interactive, online comp list programs
  • Website design, management and hosting

If you'd like more information on The Ogden Group's online/web-based services, please give us a call 585-321-1060 x24 or email us at An Ogden Group representative will get back to you.